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Free Energy?

Americawide Energy makes it easy to get your energy supply for free!

All Power companies talk about lowering your energy bills by lowering consumption, but Americawide can help you eliminate your cost all together.
Our free energy program makes it easy! Just follow the 3 simple steps below to eliminate your energy supply costs.


     Step 1           Sign Up and start saving today!
                         Everyone who signs up with AmericaWide energy automatically becomes eligible 
                         to earn free energy.

    Step 2          Refer friends and help them save money too!
                         Help 14 Friends become customers of Americawide and saving on 
                         their energy costs too. Take as much time as you need there are no time 
                                 To calculate your credit AmericaWide simply takes the average cost of your 14 refered customers and      
                          multiplies it by the days on your billing cycle and we give that credit to you! 
                          You will earn credit every month up to the total of your bill (excluding transmission, taxes and other fees)

     Step 3          Apply credit to your energy bill!
                         We will apply the credit directly to your energy bill every month as long as you maintain 14
                         qualified customers.

                   *   For more information contact customer service at 888-AWE-0607 OR 203-885-0305

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